Our Aikido classes are dynamic and interactive. You will learn effective self-defense techniques through vigorous repetitive practice with partners. You will also practice ki development methods to promote unification of mind and body through a combination of unique and active exercises. Classes move along at an active pace from beginning to end in a collaborative environment. There is no competition and you can work at your own speed . A positive training environment is created which will allow you to have fun while learning a very serious form of self-defense.

The basic martial arts class structure is outlined below

Ibuki No Ho (ki breathing methods)

Ki breathing methods practiced at the beginning of each martial arts class, provide a transition from our daily activities, to ready the mind, body and spirit for the training ahead.

Basic Warm-ups and Stretching Taiso (body exercises)

‘Ki no Taiso’ are a series of body exercises performed during every martial arts class. These exercises are the essential building blocks of our martial art techniques (are‘waza), specifically designed to teach proper posture, movement and extension of energy.

Ki Development and Training

Ki development methods (in addition to ibuki no ho and taiso mentioned above) will also be practiced and will include exercises such as Ki No Seiza (ki meditation), Yon Dai Gen Soku (four basic principles), Ki No Kempo (weapons practice with wooden jo and bokken), and Ki Health Exercises.

Ukemi (protected and controlled falling)

Martial Arts training requires a student to learn how to fall properly. The ability to fall with correct form is not only essential to personal self-defense, but is necessary to be able to ‘receive’ a technique properly during training. In addition to self preservation, ukemi is also a critical tool for helping your fellow students improve their martial art techniques by providing appropriate resistance and constructive feedback on their technique execution. Ukemi also involves learning grabs and striking attacks.

Waza (martial arts techniques)

Aikido techniques are a major focus of every class. Suenaka Ha Aikido has a martial arts curriculum which includes a suite of 15 basic techniques and a more comprehensive content called the basic 50. These 65 techniques form the elementary structure of our style aikido. There are infinite variations and adaptations of these techniques that enable you to “customize” or make aikido your own martial art. Each martial arts class will involve a combination of short demonstration and discussion of particular techniques followed by active practice with a partner. In addition to one on one partner practice, defense from multiple attackers (randori) is also studied. In addition to wrist locks and throws, striking or “atemi” will be taught as an integral component of successful execution a martial arts technique.